Why Choose A Pet Sitter?

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know that while you are away, your pet(s) is safe at home without worry of contagious disease or the traumatic stress of a strange environment.

Love & Care-
be sure that your pets will be personally loved and cared for in their own comfortable environment with minimal disruption to their daily routine.

Special needs-
if you have a pet who requires specialized care, medication, or house-sitting we can ensure that you will not worry too much while you are away.

It is essential to our happiness and that of most pets, especially the younger ones!

our daily dog walks provide fitness, stress relief, and ranks at the top of the list of a dog’s favorite activities (they tell us this!).

have the added benefit of presence in your home during your absence.  From collecting your mail to averting disaster, know your pets are safe.

Alan and Gideon getting home from their walk.