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Alan with his dogs Rosie, Lucky and Bubba
"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." Immanual Kant

Good Shepherd Pet Sitters have been in business since 1994.  Alan Bowen has owned and operated GSPS since 1998, and to many, he is known as "The Dog Walker."  He has been around pets his whole life.  Alan was raised in a family of animal lovers.  They often rescued strays from the streets of Atlanta.   His familiy cared for dogs of all sizes (from Tinker, a Pekingese, to Levi, a 160-pound Great Dane).  They even had a couple of monkeys, guinea pigs, rabbits and reptiles. 
It is instinctual for Alan to stop on the side of the road to care for a stray or wounded animal.  Whenever possible, he will take them to a local veterinary clinic for care or make attempts to find their homes.  Alan is an advocate of adopting animals from humane societies and other rescue or adoption organizations.  He has fostered a number of pets over the years and found many of them loving, wonderful homes.
GSPS has experience with toy to giant breeds, special diets and medications, aggressive behaviors and socialization problems.  They believe in catering to the individual personalities of each pet.